Mt. Vernon Profile

The small rural and seasonal town of Mount Vernon is located in western Kennebec County, 20 miles northwest of Augusta. About 1/3 of the town's housing units are seasonal, clustered around the lake frontage of Parker Pond, Long Pond, Torsey Pond, Echo Lake, Flying Pond, and several smaller ponds. The countryside consists of scenic hills above beautiful clear lakes along with open farm fields and houses scattered among wooded areas.

Mount Vernon Village is a small commercial village located in the northwestern corner of town. The Fire Stations, Community Center and Post Office are within the village. The Town Hall and Elementary School are short distance outside of the village. The village has several small novelty shops, a real estate office and a country store that sells almost anything you might need and makes a visitor feel right at home.

Just north of the village near Flying Pond is a convenience store including a gas station. The hamlet of West Mt. Vernon is located in the southwestern part of town between Echo Lake and Taylor Pond. At the southeastern corner of town lies the hamlet of Dunn's Corners.

The real character of the town comes from its people. Many families have been here for generations and are proud of it. Others moved here in the 1960s and by now are considered "locals". They share a pride in their community and consider themselves fortunate to be living in Mount Vernon.

In recent years, more retirees, professionals and others have moved to town to enjoy the benefits of living in a small and friendly community with excellent schools. Many join the various committees or become volunteers and contribute to our town. It usually doesn't take them long to feel part of the community.

Around the 4th of July every year the population expands as the seasonal people come back to open their summer cottages. Many of these have been coming to Mt. Vernon for two and three generations and have extended families and renters that also enjoy the fresh air and clean waters. They are greeted warmly by old friends and welcomed as part of the community.

The activity and economy of the town increases greatly during the summer months.

Recreation in Mount Vernon

Summer Fun: Lakes are Mt. Vernon's biggest attraction for recreation. Our picturesque lakes offer swimming, boating, sailing, fishing and just plain relaxing.

Mt. Vernon vacationers usually own seasonal homes and cottages along the lakeshores and come from all over the northeast and even further.

Our lakes are available to local residents via the town beach and boat landings but quite a few also own or rent camps.

Winter Fun: Residents and tourists alike enjoy the autumn colors of our various hardwood trees. Fall also brings hunting season. Whitetail deer is the favorite!

The winter is for ice fishing, ice-skating, cross-country skiing and snowmobiles.

Mt. Vernon's Minnehonk Ridge Riders snowmobile club maintains a trail system throughout the town for all to enjoy.