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Annual Safety Briefing Slides - for Town Employees and Volunteers - Must be Reviewed Annually

Below are the slides used in the briefing recently conducted for the town to meet the Department of Labor safety requirements.  The Town is fined in real dollars if anyone associated with operations either by employment or as a volunteer is not certified regarding the training.  A certification document will be generated by the town office and kept on file once you complete the review of these slides and notify the Selectboard.  

1.  Emergency Planning - know what the emergency plans call for and ensure that plans are posted in each building.  

2. Hazardous Materials - A material safety data sheet is required by law for any substance used in the building.  These MSDSs must be kept in a binder that is easily accessible for anyone in the building.  

3. Sexual Harassment - Know what sexual harassment is.  You are required to report any case or observation of sexual harassment so that action can be taken.  

4. Critical Maintenance Procedures - Lock out, tag out.  Whenever maintenance is performed on electrical systems or explosive systems, a process is used to ensure people are aware that a potentially dangerous s