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Castle Island Bridge to be replaced this winter - Road will be closed - click for more details

Castle Island Bridge Replacement – Meeting with Maine DOT and Belgrade representatives held September 14 at the bridge site. 

  • MDOT expects to put the bid out by end of September/early October.
  • Plan to remove the existing structure in November but it could be as late as early January.
  • The plan is to open the road, at least 1 lane in April of 2023
  • Pave the approaches in May with a project wrap up by Memorial Day. Paving will be done based on temperatures
  • The bridge will be 36 feet long and 24 feet wide. It will be a concrete structure with a prefab surface.  The lanes will be 11 feet wide with 1 foot shoulders. 
  • Question was asked who does the plowing for the boat landing, Mt Vernon or Rome. It was determined Mt Vernon handles plowing of the boat ramp. 
  • Bus turnarounds were discussed for the Belgrade side.
  • The contractor will be responsible for all plowing between the road closure points on both sides of the planned bridge.
  • MDOT said the water part of the bridge work has to be complete in April due to fish migration requirements.
Link to the Maine DOT documentation